Michael Laechel
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Jason Kaser
McHenry, IL USA
Michael, your music continues to inspire me. Thank you again for headlining my New Year's concert and selling out the stadium.

Cype Antatte
Hello all! It's a really very interesting site - michaellaechel.com!

Justin Lane
Chicago/IL/United States
I miss jamming, and hanging, with you bud. Come back to us.

Bobby Spentzos
Whats up man. All I can say from Italian class is "cosi, cosi" and all that means is so so hahaha. I have to say that teacher did not like us but some how we still received good grades lol. Alright man take care and now I got can keep in touch with the facebook bro later and keep the music going it was always fun sitting in the room listening to all that good music.. peace

Beth Goldstein
Lindenhurst, IL
I am so exceedingly excited for you and your new life. I pray that the community of Willow Creek comes around you and provides you the suppport you need as you reach your hands to OUR Father in Heaven who has always loved you and who will continue to love you all the days of your life. What a blessing you have been and continue to be.

Sharon Laechel
United States

Your music is profound. I really enjoyed your new song, good melody. It's truly from your heart. God bless you.



Jason Kaser
Love the music. Keep up the jams!

Scott MacArthur
Lake Forest/IL/USA
Hi Michael,

I feel extremely blessed to have you as my friend, it's once in a lifetime. Thanks for all the good times and great music. Keep up the good work. I always think about the fact that Jesus never abandoned his friends. They must have some fun times partying with Him in their extended youths, watching Jesus do some cool stuff. Let's party!