Michael Laechel 
House of Miracles
Picking up the pieces
Picking them up again and again
This time I'm picking up serenity
I'm not going to bend over again
This time I'm holding on to courage
I'm not going to get fucked again
I'm not going to get fucked again

I'm in this house of miracles
A demon possessed man
Deliverance and destruction overcome

I'm in this house of miracles
These walls are strong
These walls are hope
Lyrics Credits: Michael Laechel
Music Credits: Michael Laechel
Producer Credits: Michael Laechel
Publisher Credits: Michael Laechel
Performance Credits: Michael Laechel
Story Behind the Song:
I wrote this song while I was in treatment at Hazelden in MN. (December 09). This is a song of hope and recovery that came straight from my heart and soul.
Song Length: 4:11
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Alternative