Michael Laechel
Welcome To Planet What The Fuck
That's What I'll Do
Disassociate (Live 5.18.04)
Slow Fade
The Grasshopper And The Ant
Purple Man
Am I Real?
Spiritual Advisors
House of Miracles
Butterfly Girls (Live 6.21.04)
Work Sucks (Live 6.14.04)
Live Jam (Live 6.14.04)
I Know You Want It So Badly (Live 6.14.04)
Walk On Down Into The Valley (Live 5.18.04)
How The World Seems (Live 5.12.04)
Whose The One To Say (Live 5.11.04)
Shiny Aircraft (Live 5.11.04)
On My Way To Heaven (Live 5.11.04)
Leave Me Be (Live 5.11.04)
Jump Off (Live 5.11.04)
Is The Whole Thing Real (Live 5.11.04)
I Don't Think You Really Care (Live 5.11.04)
Anger (Live 5.11.04)
Slippen Away (Live 4.12.03)
Right Now (Live 4.12.03)
Red Carpet (Live 4.12.03)
I'm Liking What Is Going On (Live 4.12.03)
I'm Fine (Live 4.12.03)
I'm A Bitch (Live 4.12.03)
The Grasshopper And The Ant (Live 4.12.03)
Drunk In A Bar (Live 4.12.03)
11:11 (Live 4.12.03)
The Sunsets Vibrations
Bagels And Cream Cheese
Where's The Beat
This High
Exploding Rainbow Of Lively Innocence
Everything To Me
Wish Upon A Star
Did You Know
The Team
Pushing You Around
I Knew
Walk Right Down (Live '99 Milwaukee WI)
Latin Eyes
Fucking With My Head
I Know You Really Wanna
Actions Scream
Take The 'A' Train
Roof Falls In
Right Now (Part II) - Live 11/25/08
You're Looking Ok
You Don't Know Me
Work Sucks
Whose The One To Say
Where's My Guitar
What You Put In - What You Get Out
Wants Love
Too Hot For Me
Till We Get There
This Wall
The Trilogy - Part 3
The Night Before Halloween
The Grind
The Experience (Part 2)
The Exploding Rainbow (Live '99 Milwaukee WI)
Tearing You In Two
Strange Guitar
Storm At Sea (Part 1)
Still There
Special Things
Speak All You Think
Someones Crying
Some Kind Of Angel
Set Myself Free
Selling Your Soul
Self Loving Cockiness
River Inside Me
Red Carpet
Push A Little Harder
Psycho Girl
Pretty To Me
Popcorn Maker
Piano Track (Haunted Mansion)
Open Up For Me
One Month Left
One Day Away
Off Your Mind
No One Knows
Nice Day
My Friday Night Movie Star
My Favorite Thing
Mi Manchi (Live '98 Barat College Chapel)
Me And You
March Of The Fucking Assholes
Magic Man
Love Song
Lost In The Woods
Life With Love Equals Freedom and Happiness
Lets Start A Click
Let Go
Leave Me Be
Jesus Junkie
Jealous Fool
Is The Whole Thing Real?
I'm Sorry God
I'm Liking What Is Going On
I'm Fine
I'm Crazy But I'm Rich And Happy
I'm A Jerk
I'm A Bitch
I'll Just Die
I Wear This Cross
I Have This Dream
I Had It All
I Don't Want To Know The Truth (Version 2)
I Don't Want To Know The Truth (Version 1)
I Don't Think You Really Care
I Don't Know Why
I Don't Care
I Am
How The World Seems
History Child
Hey You
Heart Attack
Got A Gun
Fun (When The Suns Shines)
Friends Go
Freaky Guitar
Ecstasy - Part 3 (The Bees)
Drunk In A Bar
Driving For Days Now
Don't Think Too Hard
Dit Do
Devil In You
Dear God
Day To Day
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Cocktail Hour
Classic Love Story
Change Of Scene
Bringing Me Down
Blue For You
Barefoot Innocence
Atari Land
A Song To You
A Great New Show
The Green Lake
One Big Lie
Life (While You Were Out)
30 Seconds of Insanity
Spiritual Advisors (Live 6.21.04)
1, 2, 3, Go!